The Pursuit of Happiness


Shiny blue, white or red

Glistening ribbons

Flicker and dangle in your hand

Turning memory of long and lonely hours 

Into shimmering pride and a dancing spirit.


Raising sheep, knitting sweaters, baking pies is not done for big money. 

There is barely enough money made to replenish the pasture or buy more wool for the next project.

Whether I am competing or not I do these things to stay connected; to my honest animals, the beautiful sweater that is trying to emerge from a neutral ball of yarn, or the bread that delights the senses and has probably sprung from a too big zucchini.

Any shepherd, knitter or good cook can look back on long days in the barn, hours of studying a pattern or testing a recipe over a hot fire.

There is no real authority to make you succeed - no one policing your efforts. It’s just one’s own desire and intrigue with the process that inspires us to push through the daily flak.

I loved watching our friend and mentor win his ribbons. And I have loved reading the blogs of knitters and other artists who also sparkle in the day.

A ribbon won frees you from your private contemplation and tosses you into a sparkling moment of public celebration. And it is a moment that will hopefully carry you through the long and darker days of winter and your future work.

A favorite teacher, who has spent a lifetime teaching music says “ We don’t have time for disappointment, we barely have time to do the work.”

You know that’s how it is In the Pursuit of Happiness.

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