My Knitting Club

I love my knitting group. I can't sing their praises enough. It's a funny thing too because there are those voices that are so patronizing and tease me about it being a girl thing (is there something wrong with that?) or just do their version of the Olympic eye roll when I enthusiastically say, "I love my knitting group! You should start one!"
And you should.

Knitting is the game. It's the fun. And it's an amazing vehicle for sharing. Knitting needles are like talking sticks. "I'm knitting this for my daughter..." leads to a lively discussion about parenting, alcohol, driving, dating, etc. I'm knitting a neck warmer"..leads to a convo about bundling up to go outside, which leads to stories about winter renovations, lost dogs and hilarious tales about slipping on the ice and breaking your face!

Knitting is about making, sharing, loving, giving, learning and warming up. Warm relationships, warm hearts, warm coffee. Wool is warm and warm is good.

If you want to warm up your spirit as well as your fingers and toes start your own knitting club even if it's with just one other person. A local coffee shop with a neighborhood feel is an ideal place, and knitting stores and guilds will sometimes offer up their locations.

It's especially reassuring in these strange economic times to have such a strong feeling of community and it extends past the knitters. The welcoming shop keepers who let us grab all the chairs we need, the strangers who stop by to ask us what we're making, the families who recognize us as 'from my mom's knitting group', and the friends and charities who receive our gifts.

It's all knitting and it's all good.

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