Winter Garden

It’s freezing. 

I have my oldest ewe in the barn struggling to survive even with two years of wool growth wrapped around her. My mares are shivering, my bones ache and my hands are cracked from the cold.

I have a
greenhouse attached to our machine shed and in these dark days before the solstice, it brings me no end of winter comfort. My potted geraniums seem to prefer the cool air and low light of the season by responding with their brightest blooms.

This pot where the geranium failed is spouting viola and showcases a lovely carpet of moss. Hmmm..gnomes and fairy homes
And the
I have dill, basil, chamomile, coreposis, marigold, zinnea, snapdragons, pumpkin, squash, beans drying on the table or bottled up in seed cupboard waiting for the post holiday to get started.

I stop in here when I’m done in the barn. I am usually covered in several layers of clothing and after 30 minutes here am overheated, intoxicated by the sweet smell and very sleepy. 

If a barn cat arrives and I find the Adirondack chair in the corner, it’s a winter sleep for me.

These dreams of dye plants, herbs and flowers are sweet winter spirits and good medicine against these dark and cold hours.

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