Lambing on the Farm

2009 has been a mixed bag for us.

This year we had some ram lambs left too late in the pen bring us some black and white surprises, a couple of weird medical tragedies that left us shaking our heads and some stellar displays of motherhood that reign triumphant over it all.

This video captures the combination of motherhood with an assist from the shepherd.

Happy Easter from our family to yours.


Alpaca Farmgirl said...

Absolutely LOVE this video!!! Excellent in every way. Will tweet about this for sure. Best of luck with the rest of them.

Could they BE more adorable?

Glorious Hats said...

Nice shepherding, how neat you caught it on film too. Will look for you at Shepherd's Harvest. Jane

Midnightcoiler said...

Great true life story! So well done. The lambs are darling. I'd be a nervous wreck dealing with this, but thanks for the opportunity to see it happen, with a happy ending! Amazing!

Terri and Randy Carlson said...

That was a great video. I wonder why the ewe didn't lamb on her own, it looked like the lambs were presenting ok. Too big? We're lambing now too!
Terri Carlson
Icelandic Sheep & Wool in N. Illinois

julie@greatwool.com said...

Terri and Randy,
Yes they did present properly, but over 2 hours had passed since her water broke and when we went into inspect she was a bit still - thus the assistance.
Good luck!